333 Church Street Cemetery

We'll only scare you half-way to hell!

This Halloween, embrace the scary side of West Chicago with moving zombies, terrifying pumpkin demons, creepy skeletons, and plenty of spooky gravestones.

Located at 333 Church Street, the yard haunt cemetery spans across our front yard for visitation throughout all of October. The dead of night is the best time to visit.

For your safety, please stay on the walkway as our inhabitants will bite.


Who, Who, Who

Many years ago in the basement of a Chicago brownstone apartment the stage was set for what would become a horror filled annual event. Each October as Autumn fell upon the city, the depths of a brownstone apartment building was transformed into a subterranean tomb, complete with scenes of horror and screams of terror from the innocent that dared to enter. Darkened creatures lurked in the shadows waiting hungrily to dine on the souls of the unwitting passerby. Wary guests filled with dread as they were invited in and led past an interior graveyard rising out of a dirt floor where once long ago sat piles of coal used to fire the abandoned boiler. This was the place for all souls, dead or alive, to gather in celebration of all things haunted. This was the beginnings of Horrorween.

Church Street Cemetery

Today Horroween is rekindled every October at our 130 year old home far west of the city in West Chicago. The streets are a little quieter here, a little darker, and during October, just a little more Horroweenish.
Venture out to visit our haunted graveyard known  as Church Street Cemetery, where you’ll see moving zombies, scary pumpkin demons, a skeleton or two, and plenty of spooky gravestones. We are located in West Chicago on 333 Church Street.

Larry Underearth
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